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updated wed 8 aug 01


Joyce Lee on tue 7 aug 01

Well, I do swear..... I was just playing around mentally with charcoal =
as a possible addition to the firing of my comin'-along petroglyph pots =
and wallplaques .... when Craig, I think, wrote about wood ash ...... =
sparked me further ..... but now you incredible buds have moved me =
closer to the realm of possibility! Hank, Karen T. and Bamboo Karen, =
Phil, Mia are just makin' it all sound toooo
tempting! AND I really do NEED something workable on these dark clay =
petroglyphs. As often happens with brown or red clay, they look pretty =
decent in the greenware form.... now if I can just NOT lose that =

And thanks Gayle for ideas about oxides and slips ... I know I've been =
reading about their uses for a couple of years but my brain is just now =
connecting when I see
"charcoal, wood, oxides, slips"..... never have dared to do much with =
these. Probably a good idea to apply the mayor's suggestions and just =
use those for awhile ... at least, on the present work. I AM doing =
solely the salt fuming techniques (with which Kurt has helped) on white =
clays ... completed many but haven't glaze fired any yet....... =
chicken...... cluckcluckcluck

In the Mojave

Valice Raffi on tue 7 aug 01


I really love the look of red iron oxide brushed on, wiped back & fired in
reduction. Gives a blackened, pewterish look.