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updated wed 15 aug 01


Clay Coordinator on tue 14 aug 01

There is currently one opening for the fall concentration (8 weeks) at =
the Penland School. This is for a full paying student, no work/study =
vacancies, sorry.

September 23 - November 16, 2001
Sam Clarkson & Alleghany Meadows--Utilitarian Pottery: The Domestic =
This intensive workshop will revolve around making personalized, =
functional pots with attention to questions of utility, context, =
concept, and the creative process. History, the heart, the hands, the =
mind, and personal habits will serve as sources for inquiry and content. =
We will spend eight weeks engaging a rhythm of creating and then using =
our work. Individual studio time will be augmented by demonstrations, =
group discussions, and historical slides. We will explore glazed =
surfaces affected by atmospheres in high-temperature salt, soda, and =
wood firings.

If you are interested or know someone interested call 828-765-2359. Or =
go to


John Britt
Penland Clay=20