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^04 not barium glaze

updated thu 16 aug 01


Ababi on wed 15 aug 01

I made once this recipe of Eduard Bastarache
"Vert jade cendr Ash c04 ".
Glaze name: Vert jade cendr×™
Glaze type: Ash
Cone: 04
Firing: Oxidation
Surface texture: Semi-gloss
Transparency: Opaque
Color: Jade green with a lot of texture
Visual texture: Mottled
Crystals: None
Bubbles: None
Flow: None
Durability: Good
Testing: Tested
Date: 02/15/97

Recipe: (Percent, Batch)

Hardwood ash 36.00 36.00
Custer 14.50 14.50
Frit 3134 23.00 23.00
EPK 14.50 14.50
Lithium carbonate 12.00 12.00
-------- --------
Totals: 100.00 100.00

Also add:

Ultrox 15.50 15.50
Black copper oxide 3.50 3.50

*GlazeBase recipe*
Submitted by: Edouard Bastarache (
Ice Cream Flavor: Why change: vanilla

I decided to try it without lithium. My student women cannot
understand why I give them gloves or tell them to wash hands after
glazing! The result was interesting, much
different than the original. More matte much darker.You cannot always
avoid the lithium!
The next time I tried to adjust it in the studio, away from the
computer. I got very interesting glaze,you could not do it near the
computer, because you would see immediately the lack of alumina.This glaze
turned out like a ^6 barium or strontium turquoise matte.

I will try to adjust it.If I will not succeed I will use it as it
is,because I like the result. So thanks again for your part in
glazebase Eduard.

Before I adjusted, I tried it on two tera cotta tiles, looks even better.I
cannot explain why it works and not runny
The JPG is in

I will upload the tera cotta tiles too, next to the white earthnware tile.
The Recipe is With my materials and with OUR oxides!
Jade with low Al2O3
PINE ASH............ 30.00 29.13% Any ash from you barbecue
FRIT 6004........... 25.00 24.27%
FRIT 2120........... 25.00 24.27%
QUARTZ.............. 10.00 9.71%
ULTROX.............. 10.00 9.71%
COPPER CARBONATE.... 3.00 2.91%

CaO 0.30* 9.18%
MgO 0.09* 1.92%
K2O 0.24* 11.99%
Na2O 0.37* 12.53%
ZrO2 0.10 6.59%
Al2O3 0.03 1.71%
B2O3 0.17 6.47%
P2O5 0.04 2.71%
SiO2 1.35 43.97%
Fe2O3 0.01 1.22%
MnO 0.04 1.70%

Si:Al 43.56
SiB:Al 49.09
Expan 12.45

bye Bye
Ababi Sharon