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glazing quarry tile and the clay chat room

updated fri 17 aug 01


Pam Easley on wed 15 aug 01

Two subjects, not necessarily connected:

Hi Lynn. Welcome back to the clay list.

Try firing your quarry tile gift at 06 -- seem to recall this will do fine.
Stick one in with a bisque and check it out. Think one of my students, when
teaching at Marymoor in Redmond, brought some in and we did just that,
though they had decorated 'em with wonderful line designs.

For those of you who missed the info earlier this month, there is a clay
chat on Wednesday nights, 6pm pacific time. I finally tuned in this evening,
and it was fun. Billie at will email you with a reminder
if you write and ask her to. Runs for an hour or two, or till every one
decides to leave. I have the website in my Favorites, not at my fingertips
this minute, but ask her for it when you write. Look forward to seeing some
more familiar names next week.

Pam in Seattle, getting ready to attack a pile of ready-to-glaze ware.
Preparing the inventory for a couple of Undiscovered Potter's Sales this
fall ---- whoo, I hate this part. Have to think, whereas the making of it
just comes out of my hands and fingers like magic. Looks real nice at this
stage of the game. We shall see what it looks like in a couple of days.