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fascinating tile site: joyce

updated sat 18 aug 01


george koller on fri 17 aug 01

Hi Joyce,

About "not getting" tile: have thought about some, and here is my
personal take on it. Clay in 3d vessels are about shape, texture,
and colors in some sort of mix but only not so much about messages
(with beautiful/wondeful/exciting exceptions!). Tiles are not (usually as)
much about shape, but potentially more about about images. Kurt Wild
once pointed to a poster of clay pieces (NCECA?) and said something
to the nature of "only 10% of clay pieces are about images". It hadn't
dawned on me until that moment that I was in a important but minority
group in this regard. To put it another way: if you are, as I am, about trying
communicating images, then 2d is just fine. If you need or want size tiles
are really "it". The challenges of limited colors and the control of texture
are limitations/challenges/opportunities that image people have to learn
to live with whether they like them or not.

I guess also that while I enjoy the challenges and limitations of the clay, I
"don't get" decals and decorating techniques in general that treat clay like
a "inconvenience" and try, for example to be "photo-realistic". That comes
up null or negative for me.

By the by Joyce... have you anything to report on your Metal Sulfates work,
or was that a phase for you? I'm still struggling along. Have learned more
than I really want to know about ultrasonic nozzles. Things are taking a very
strange turn with all kinds of implications. I have an entire valve in my hand
the size of a big "capsule style pill" that may replace many components
(about $3000+ worth of electro-mechanical stuff). Micro-plumbing. Go figure.
Inlet tube is 0.05" in diameter. Spits dots at 100s per second. Gone from world
of Gallons per hour to visit the world of nanoliters per millisecond. Go figure.
Should take it to the local hardware store and ask them how to get it hooked up.
Danged thing changes everything, rather not be thinking about even, but the
opportunity seems too strong to ignore. Cost of a "printer for potters" could be
dropped to
what the first printer I bought cost. That was 20 years ago. Now the get so much
for cartridges they can give the printers away. What a world. But I digress.



Joyce Lee wrote:

> "Stephani Stephenson sent us:
> > came upon this gorgeous site by chance, photos of tiles made by the
> > Zsolnay factory in Hungary, mid 1800s to WWI
> > Introduces an entirely new term 'eosin glazed pyrogranite' but gives an
> > interesting though teasingly brief description
> >
> >
> Thanks, Stephanie, for this site. Although I've greatly admired Paul
> Lewing's work since beginning clay almost 6 years ago when I also found
> Clayart, I still have never quite gotten tiles........... even though my
> Bailey extruder came with a tilemaker (well, for a couple hundred extra
> bucks, it did), it sits in its original box awaiting the day when my
> eyes&brain are more fully opened ... heart already is... I could with ease
> envision commissioning Paul (if I could afford him) to create one of his
> murals for our forgotten bathroom, which needs something very special ..
> (have you seen Paul's work.....
> talk about art!! Of course, he IS an artist ... nevertheless, his work is
> extraordinary..) but I could never feature working with tiles for me.. even
> though that famous tile book was one of the first five clay books I
> purchased.
> Now I can consider such a variation to the journey ........ something
> clicked ... said that such beauty, skill, artistry is worth striving to
> emulate.... with full knowledge that I'll never get there..... still, if
> you're gonna' dream......
> Joyce
> In the Mojave saying that the mayor is fine... not sick..... drive crashed,
> other clay-related deadlines to be met, and a workshop or two in the
> offing..... I'm tagged.... my pleasure.... if for no other reason than
> payback for all that Clayart and claybuds have heaped upon me...
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