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best lit'l clayart gallery...

updated tue 21 aug 01


Vicki Katz on sun 19 aug 01

This weekend I drove from Houston to Waco to visit my daughter who is in
graduate school at Baylor (proud Mom detail). On the map was CALVERT, TX
directly in my path on HWY 6 from College Station going west. And what is in
CALVERT, TX ? ... Sonny Moss & ART of TEXAS GALLERY. Not difficult to find
as Calvert is a one street town & I suspect that everyone who is anyone along
the 'drag' knows Sonny.

Well, it was a jewel of a find. Sonny is a character, no doubt about that.
When I walked in & stated I was looking for Sonny Moss, the response was "
depends who is asking!" ... and hearty laughter. The little devil admitted
who he was & was delighted to show me his gallery, kilns, introduce me to a
'student' - Jane M Zajicek - a professor at A&M. He has the work of several
artists on sale in his gallery, including Dr. Zajicek and David Hendley. He
has on display the most awesome aquariums made of clay in the forms of old
fashion diver helmets. It is a great place to visit & shop. Frankly I had
to beg him ( on my knees) to allow me to buy something ... you had to be
there. Another clay adventure I would recommend. The phone # is
800-670-8183 or 979-364-3730 or web site

Another note: Sonny is hosting a RAKU workshop October 27th - feathers,
horse hair included & the one day workshop will cost $40. Call the above #
for details or to register.