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becky's wood firing question

updated wed 29 aug 01


Ursula Goebels on tue 28 aug 01

Dear Becky,

.. "fire with wood and still get real colors" WITHOUT USING GLAZES?

The only potter/sculptor who is "painting with fire" without using glazes
I know is Peter Callas. To get "color" he fires his Anagama sometimes 2
weeks and longer. But it seems like building and firing even a small Anagama
would be too much for a "summer home job."

For a very small and easy to build wood fired kiln you might want to check
Ceramics Monthly, June/July/August 1999, page 65. There Nesrin During from
the Netherlands demonstrates one that is loosely constructed from brick and
fires up to 1650F in about 45 to 60 min. I would think that you can go
slower, fire longer and higher in temperature as well. It would take some
experimenting to adapt the idea and modify it to your firing/ glazing
Good luck,

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dear smart people,

is it possible to fire with wood and still get real colors?
here is why i ask. i want to have a kiln at our summer home in the
mountains of colorado. we have an endless supply of dead wood on the
property so it seems a shame to use any other fuel source. however i tire
quickly of nuetral colored pots which are all i tend to see when i look at
wood fired work. am i looking in all the wrong places?

i'm also concerned about the high fire danger in our area. should i be or
and one last question. i am a total novice when it comes to kilns and have
never fired anything but an electric kiln altho i have loded all types. am
i a fool to undertake this? i'm very willing to hire a person to come help
build and teach me so should i go that route? any recomendations on that

opps--one more. what books are recommended on the subject. i'm a book

thanks so much for all you folks give to us less knowledgeble.

becky schroeder

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