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platters (drying)

updated wed 5 sep 01


Janet Kaiser on tue 4 sep 01

Trust an Aussie to have sussed out an easy answer with
the least fuss! It's the pioneering spirit alive and
well Down Under! Nation builders still on site!

I got around even owning a hateful plate rack (nasty
unhygienic things) by having two square enamel sinks
let into the work top. The one for washing up and a
deep plastic covered wire basket for stacking the
crocks in the other. Because they are all piled into a
sink, there is nowhere for them to slip (as from a
draining board) so breakages are rare. There is also
less build up of slimy grunge, because it is easier for
the water to drain off completely. We can also change
from one to the other, depending on whether it is a
right or left handed dish-washer at work.

Added advantage of this twin sink system is when hand
washing garments. One sink with soap and the second
with rinsing water. Also cleaning large quantities of
vegetables, lettuce, etc... Peel in own and throw into
water in the other.

So, either go with Des or re-model the whole kitchen,
Martin!! The only problem being these large sinks were
fashionable in the 1980s... I notice "modern" sinks are
about the size of a football. I suppose we are all
supposed to have dishwashers these days.

Which reminds me of a visit we had from the USA one
time... "I'll clear up and get set for supper... You
guys go on out and enjoy yourselves". Well, we got back
hungry and thirsty some time later, only to find that
not a single dish had been washed up and a very
red-faced colonial cousin... "I have looked EVERYWHERE.
Where the *%")(= have you hidden the dishwasher?"
Proved what they already thought... Wales is part of
the third world.

Now these Dragon Slaying tips you have, Des...

Janet Kaiser
The Chapel of Art . Capel Celfyddyd
Criccieth LL52 0EA, GB-Wales Tel: (01766) 523570

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> Martin
> Rest the platters diagonally against an upside down
> on the sink to drain after washing & then teatowel
dry them
> when the washup is finished.
> Des
> Kitchens organised
> Dragons slain
> Maidens rescued
> Backs rubbed