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2 questions: dioxin

updated fri 7 sep 01


Michael Wendt on thu 6 sep 01

Since Elizabeth asked,
Helmer clay has been tested for dioxin and has been found to be dioxin free.
In fact, Dow Chemical currently has it under consideration as an additive to
a product that will be taken internally ( the reason for the test). I
realize it is not as plastic as a ball clay, but it is pretty greasy stuff
and forms slip like mad while throwing.
Michael Wendt

Elizabeth asked:
2. I've heard that dioxin has been found in Kentucky OM4 clay and
I'm wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this. Also, has dioxin
been detected in any other clay bodies? Or does anyone know if there
are any clays with none? Or of similar sedimentary clays that could
be used as a substitute for OM4?
Please feel free to contact me off-list.