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closed university studios

updated fri 7 sep 01


Marcia Selsor on thu 6 sep 01

Dear Ian,
As a retired prof I understand the situation. Nationally the stricter
hours and supervision of studios is a liability issue which Universities
are very sensitive about. At several colleges the studios close at 5. A
hammer as well as all other hand tools are checked out
(documentation/red tape)
When I was a student ay Phila. Univ. of the Arts we could get written
permission from the President to stay all night to fire the kilns. This
could be an option for you and your peers. It would help your teacher
and also demonstrate the earnesty of your desire to be working in the studio.
I am sure the cut back in open hours is not meant to punish anyone. It
is a reality of our times.
Get together with your teacher to compose a permit slip for firing
kilns. Have it state that you have been trained in the safety use of the
equipment. Sign off on liability of the University.
The slip will have to be filled out every time you need to stay late but
it releases the Univ. from responsibility and makes the security folks
Good luck,
Marcia Selsor, Prof. Emeritus from MSU Billings
Marcia Selsor