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macaliod.... but also some "important lesson" value

updated sat 8 sep 01


John Baymore on fri 7 sep 01

Just spoke to Brant who is the owner of New Mexico Clay about this
"bentonite-mecaloid" He opened a bag and immediately said that it was not=

mecaloid. He checked his supply room and whoever did the bagging put bari=
carbonate into the sack rather than bentonite. Apparently the two chemica=
were in bins next to each other. The bagger is no longer employed by NM

This is a very graphic example of why it's a pretty good idea to treat AL=
raw materials in the studio with great respect, and why testing work can =
so important. Unfortunately, mistakes happen. Those less familiar with
the appearance of their raw materials might never notice the different
visual appearance until the new material was put into use or an unfortuna=
(and possibly totally unknown) exposure opportunity occurred.

Food for thought.



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