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little vases

updated sun 9 sep 01


artimater on sat 8 sep 01

I'm having fun with these little vases......I highly recommend =
ya'll all trying some.....They have set me free from the box.....When I =
make other functional forms they have more set requirements......such as =
in tumblers requiring a lip that doesn't rip a hole in your human lip =
when you drink.....These little vases though could be any shape at all. =
All they need is a hollow part with a hole at the top, and I guess a =
part that meets the table that orients the hole somewhere in the upper =
part.....It has made me as a at last.....I =
dare any of you to tell me some more rules about em....I'm making square =
vases on the wheel! ....Think about it
Also, for those of you that like to get your half minimum wage =
outta clay stuff......I think these babies could be wildly =
commercial....Not everyone needs a 30" vase that will hold 3 dozen roses =
and a bundle of glads at the same time, but everyone has a neighbor that =
grows flowers that can easily be swiped and given to a sweetie with some =
hope of some preservation....What if we flooded the world with little =
vases?.....Think of all those sweeties getting osmosis LOVE from the =
stolen flower in the little vase whilst the giver is gone to another =
room....Think of all the nakedness involved in such a situation....The =
boundless fornication provoked....I'm talking WORLD PIECE =
here...Headlines like, "Naked Government Forgets to Go to Work"...The =
onset of a new baby boom...A possible cure for the recent tech =
glut...Economic upturn.....Soon people would be walking around wearing =
necklaces with peace signs on emHEHEHE ....Glazed eyes and cat with a =
bird grins...Everyone humming "Don't Worry, Be Happy"
I bet you guys dinna realize all that was in em ....didja?....Well =
that's why I'm telling ya....You don't have to thank me....Just send me =
those bills (5's and up(BTW-aside to Tomsawyer....I don't wanna look =
ignorant, but what is a Blue Bull?))....
I think I'll go bug Gloria(mischievous grin)

"I only indulge when I've seen a snake, so I keep a supply of =
indulgences and snakes handy"

tomsawyer on sat 8 sep 01

You wrote:
I don't wanna look ignorant, but what is a Blue Bull?))....
I think I'll go bug Gloria(mischievous grin)
Ask any black guy. Blue Bull is the best Malt Liquour out comes in 16 ounce
cans. I buy it down in the homeless clinic area of town; where I live the
stores don't carry it. Best beer you'll ever drink and POW what a kick. My
oldest son bought me a case of quarts for my birthday. Strongly recommended.
Tom Sawyer