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winter studio rental at penland

updated sun 9 sep 01


Clay Coordinator on sat 8 sep 01

Just wanted to announce that Penland is opening its studios for winter =
rental. If you are interested see below:
Winter Studio Rental Information and Application Process

(Please share with anyone you feel would be qualified)


We are now accepting applications for rental of many of Penland's =
studios during the months of January and February 2002. We will notify =
applicants by November 1st about the status of their studio and =
acceptance. Limited housing is available on campus for an additional =
$250/month per person. Studio rental rates are as follows:


Clay, Iron, Books and Paper, Print, Photo, Wood, Textiles, Metals
$50 deposit required for all renters, returned when studio clean-up is =

$250/month if renting both January and February

$300/month if renting one month only.


For more information and to apply, please call or e-amil=20

Stacey Lane, Director of Student Affairs and Studios, = or call 828/765-7389. =20

Applications must be in by September 31, 2001, so we can determine =
whether there is sufficient interest. We must have a minimum number of =
renters before opening studios for the winter.=20