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update from nyc

updated thu 13 sep 01


Merrie Boerner on wed 12 sep 01

My brother lives in Greenwich Village. Yesterday, he and his wife packed
their car, but were not able to leave the city because of closed roads,
bridges, and tunnels. They have witnessed horrific sights. Their personal
response to the tragedy was to stay and help in any way possible and to be
in their HOME. The e-mail that I received this morning expresses his state
of shock.....I picture him, blank faced, traumatized,.... but proud of his
home, city, and country........ and determined. I thought I should share a
small bit of comfort with Clayart friends by including the following note
from my brother to his family....
"Dear Merrie,
We are fine. Our apartment is just far enough north of the disaster
scene to have avoided serious problems. St. Vincent's hospital,
where rescued or injured are taken, is just down the street from us.
We walked around yesterday taking pictures, bewildered by the scene.
It is eerie.
Our long-needed vacation is supposed to start Friday. We will
probably stay here until then and continue to try to absorb the
permanent change that has happened to the City, which is our home.
But we are packed and ready to leave for our farm in PA if the need
So far just the physical destruction has hit home. The sadness of
the loss of human life, including very many top managers, not only
of business, but of transportation and police services that were
housed in the WTC, is just beginning to surface. As an example, the
entire emergency coordination center for the City was destroyed in
the collapse of building 7. Over 300 fire-fighters were crushed in
the collapse of buildings 1 and 2.
The calm and dedicated response of everyone in the City might seem
amazing to anyone unfamiliar with the spirit of New York. We are a
city of survivors, and will cope, rebuild, and recover.
We will keep you informed of any further developments. Thanks for
your concern.
Ed & Cindy
P.S. Please forward to others who might be concerned.