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further report on boston (pucker gallery)

updated wed 19 sep 01


Bacia Edelman on tue 18 sep 01

Dear claybuds: Though I was supposed to be leaving Boston on
the 12th Sept., the airport was closed and remained so until many
days later, though I had no idea when it would open, knew it would
be very difficult with delays, and arranged to use same ticket from
Hartford, Connecticut on Sunday, the 16th, to Milwaukee, Wisconsin
and then home to Madison, WI. Planes ( DC-9s) were nearly empty.

Not only Phil Rogers had recommended the Pucker Gallery in Boston, but
Judy Motzkin, who had a terrific show in an Open Studio in
Cambridge, Mass. on week-end of
Sept.8th and 9th, also listed it in an earlier e-mail to me.
I tore myself away from the TV Wed, the 12th, and went in to spend a long
time as the curator, Anita Sherwood, was delighted with my enthusiasm.
There was work by three of my idols, masters and exceptional potters.
Many other Japanese, but there was indeed work by Shimaoko (sp?),
Phil Rogers and Brother Thomas. Some of Phil's tea bowls were balm
to the angst I was feeling from the horrors of the previous day.
(Phil, Anita Sherwood, director, told me to send you warm regards.
I can't find your e-mail address). Your work really belongs in
a masters' gallery!!!
Shimaoko had some wondrous work. But some of Brother Thomas' pieces
surprised me. I knew his glazes were spectacular. There was a lot
about him on Clayart. They were indeed striking,
as were many of the forms, though
the pots of porcelain were really heavy (he doesn't care.)
But to my intense delight, he also handbuilds wonderful forms with what
I have been calling "lichen glazes or crawl glazes", which have become
my signature glaze on many of my handbuilt teapots. His similar
glazes were different from mine,
the forms were wonderful, and the curator used the Japanese word for
that glaze as "Kiriagi." I hope I have that right. The curator had
to accompany me as the upper galleries were locked and could only be
opened by key and reached by elevator.
She seemed delighted to share her knowledge and stories
about the potters.
When I had first emerged from the (underground) train by the library, there
were dozens and dozens of police, barricades, and a swarming crowd
of people, evacuated plus onlookers,
where they could gather near the Westin Hotel. It turns
out (learned days later)
that it was in that hotel that the FBI found more evidence of
terrorists: suitcase with video etc, plus room from which some had
ordered one way plane tickets for Sept. 11th by credit card.
A front page article in today's (Madison, WI, USA) local paper is
titled: "Solace in music, art: an antidote for terror."
I hope to get back to work soon, after I plow through the bills,
mail, chores awaiting. I did a lot of drawing of pots (ideas) while I
listened to music a couple mornings at the end of last week in Boston,
countering the addiction to the TV news.
Thanks again to my friends who wrote welcomes. I am so grateful
for you all and the list.
Warm regards,

Bacia Edelman Madison, Wisconsin