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fw: low fired wares

updated tue 18 sep 01


vince pitelka on mon 17 sep 01

> I have long thought about the issue of using low fire glaze on a cone 5 or
> body. If the piece were bisqued to 5 or 6 and then low fire glaze applied
> fired to its highest cone (which in most cases would be cone 05 at
> --- is that feasible? What kind of problems might one incur?

I hope Janice in NC will not mind if I forward this response to the whole
list, because it is an important thing to consider. One practical
compromise between highfire and lowfire is high-bisque/low-glaze. The wares
are bisqued to midrange or highfire temperatures, and then glazed at lowfire
temperatures. You get a strong body, but the full color range of lowfire.
The disadvantage is that glaze coating itself is still quite brittle and
chips easily. Quite a bit of commercial china is either
high-bisque/low-glaze, or else is high-fired with a clear glaze and then
low-fired with enamels and lusters. That is why the decoration starts to
wear off while the dish itself is still in good shape.
Best wishes -
- Vince

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