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newbie re clear glaze,slip etc

updated wed 19 sep 01


Jackie Brien on tue 18 sep 01

I will attach a couple of clear recipes-Although I wonder if the problems
have to do with the slip recipe- although it should be fine if it's the same
clay; perhaps you're firing too fast.

I've used this recipe for years and over Dove Porcelain- with no problems-(
But I'm giving up on the Dove because I find it too soft and cant get it to
make big bowls etc.(Have you had these problems?))
Recipe #1- Used to be called Rich Brown Glossy- I took out the oxides
and just use it as is- but I still call it R. B. G.
Gerstly Borate 50
Kaolin 20
Flint 30
This is my most reliable glaze. You may not be able to get the gerstly-
likely some of the substitutes or frits would work just fine.

Recipe # 2- Vivian's clear gloss- this one I tested some time ago- I
found it to be good-very glassy, perhaps a bit runny though.
Frit 3134 50
Kaolin 30
Flint 20

You might want to consider trying a different slip- I find this one to be
very good-
Robin Hopper's white slip:

ball clay 75
kaolin 10
flint 10
feldspar 5
for dark brown add 10%iron and 10% rutile. other colors you'd need to work
Unfortunately I can't answer your real question-about % to add- as I'm
struggling with this one myself.
However good luck
Jackie B