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slip or glaze? wait! this could be a disaster

updated tue 18 sep 01


Ron Roy on mon 17 sep 01

One way of making very low expansion glazes is to use MgO as the main flux.

This "C10" glaze would have a very low expansion rate - a pot buster for
sure - try it as a liner glaze and tell us what happened.

If it was used as a vitrious slip at cone 6 I would expect the same kind of

I hate to contradict DH - he is such a wonderful person but I am counting
on his good nature to take this in the spirit it is given.


>An easy way to try using a slip-glaze is to buy (or make) some
>low-fire white casting slip. The typical recipe for such slips
>is 50% talc and 50% ball clay, plus a defloculant. At cone 10
>this slip will make a white low silica matt glaze. Add oxides to
>make colors; cobalt will produce purple because of the massive
>amount of magnesium in the slip.

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