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rememberance vases

updated thu 20 sep 01


DEBBYGrant@AOL.COM on wed 19 sep 01

Dear Clayarters,

I recieved the following letter today from one of the shops that consigns
my pots. I thought it was the best idea I heard yet and so much more
simple to accomplish than anything I have heard yet.

"I hope that each of you, and your family and friends, are safe. It has been
such a sad week for us all...

Two of my craftspeople asked if they could do something...they decided
to make and donate several rememberance vases that we will sell for them.
All the proceeds will go directly to the Red Cross. If any of you would like
to do something similar, please feel free to call me and I will help in any
way I can."

This seems to me to be a fine solution and I hope you will suggest this
to your galleries and shops.

Debby Grant in NH