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updated sat 22 sep 01


elizabeth priddy on thu 20 sep 01

Our gallery in NC was closed for one day, but things
are getting back to normal. We are going ahead with
our Clay Art 2001 show. I posted the call for entries

I really don't know how well it will go this year due
to the situation. But we will make a good effort to
make it as normal as possible.

I hope the North Carolina Artists are ready to get
back to work. I have been painting but not potting,
and I will have to switch gears myself. Luckily, I
developed something this summer that will be
appropriate for the show, I just need to get it made.

Please pass the word on about the show and maybe I
will get to meet some of you at the gallery this year.
The show was remarkable. The non-potter artists in
the gallery were agog at the range of clay work being
made in NC. As the show develops each year, I hope to
be able to make our gallery a destination point for
clay in the coastal region. The gallery is 30% clay
workers and 70% 2-D. But we devote half the gallery
space to the clay one month of the year and the clay
programs are growing. That includes grants for clay
classes in the community and awards for the shows. We
had beautiful pedestals built for the show last year
and will be using them again this year.

I am rambling. About something I find very exciting.
And very normal...Thank god...

Elizabeth Priddy
PO Box 2342
Beaufort, NC 28516

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