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peace vases -invitation

updated mon 24 sep 01


artimater on fri 21 sep 01

I named these vases I'm making "Peace Vases"....Actually I gave them =
that title the day BEFORE all hell broke loose....It's kinda like god(my =
good buddy) was unleashing a rainbow before the storm.....I'm writing =
PEACE on the bottoms...The concept has grown since Sept 10.....I love a =
cool concept.....In this case the concept is that, with some help, =
everyone will get one and then be too busy looking for flowers to steal =
to commit senseless acts of violence and exploitation....When you are =
choosing a flower for your sweetie you can't be thinking about the bad =
things....From the beginning my Art has been consciously oriented toward =
the good things....No cross in a bottle of piss from me!...No "Madonna =
With Tits"....
I would like to invite all you good people to make your own "Peace =
Vases".....The only requirement is the word Peace on the bottom...The =
design and details would be all your own....I see them as small vases =
for single flowers.... You may see them big as houses.....I have found =
them to be very cathartic...It would be soooo cool to someday pick up a =
small unknown vase somewhere and see "Peace" written on the bottom(What =
is the Latin for peace?)(French?)(Arabic?)Greek?).....So all you guys =
whipp up a couple little vases with "Peace" on the bottom....OK?.....I =
think you can handle it......I know some of you can.....I have about 75 =
at present....Can anyone beat that?....Bear in mind when you are =
competing with me that I will be adding to my total so you will be =
starting out behind....I'm not asking that you turn your entire =
production over to them....Just make enough so everyone you meet can =
have one....That should be easy because people tend to run in gangs so =
there will be overlap with other potters....All right?...Any problems?
Mine don't even take up much space in the kiln....

"I only indulge when I've seen a snake, so I keep a supply of =
indulgences and snakes handy"

Diane Echlin on fri 21 sep 01

Peace in latin is Pax.

artimater wrote:
It would be soooo cool to someday pick up a small unknown vase somewhere
and see "Peace" written on the bottom(What is the Latin for

Martin Howard on sat 22 sep 01

Peace in Esperanto is paco.

Martin Howard
Webb's Cottage Pottery
Woolpits Road, Great Saling

Steve Mills on sun 23 sep 01

My favourite is Pax vobiscum: Peace be with you.


In message , Martin Howard writes
>Peace in Esperanto is paco.
>Martin Howard
>Webb's Cottage Pottery
>Woolpits Road, Great Saling

Steve Mills