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: re: class music

updated tue 25 sep 01


iandol on sun 23 sep 01

Dear Vince Pitelka,=20

Not certain what the Performing Rights rules are in the USA but in =
Australia, if music is to be broadcast in what is regarded as a public =
place then there is a charge, a fee or licence which levies dues on =
behalf of the artists who perform the music, regardless of its method of =
production, radio, CD or what ever. Rather than charges of each use an =
annual fee is charged but I am not sure what the formula is. So once a =
year recording muso's get a little nest egg.

Does you University have to pay similar fees for music which is =
broadcast in your studios?

Passes that information on to Louise,the Librarian, on Friday. Hope her =
budget will run to $90.

Best regards,

Ivor Lewis. Redhill, South Australia

jennifer on mon 24 sep 01

When I was taking classes they had the radio on all the time. It drove me
crazy. It would have been fine if the teacher would have turned it off to
give us instructions but she just left it on the whole time.