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bat machine site up!

updated wed 26 sep 01


Les Crimp on mon 24 sep 01

Hey Chris -

Unbelievable! This is absolutely great and I can't thank you enough for
the work you have put into this project.

I am sure all the Clayarters will agree that this is the type of unselfish
work that makes this one of the greatest groups anywhere.

A million thanks!

p.s. - to all of our U.S. Claybuds - we are thinking of you each day and
say a prayer for all those that are working so hard in New York City to
bring things back to some sort of normalcy. We all know that it was not
necessary for President Bush to spell out Canada in his recent speech as
like he said, " I didn't know we have to praise a brother!" He did not have
to and we are with you all the way. God Bless the U.S.A!

Les Crimp on that Island in the Pacific.

Chris Stanley on mon 24 sep 01

To all of those who have been asking!

Click on Project Gallery!

Questions, comments, criticisms, and suggestions always needed!