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request low fire glazes

updated tue 25 sep 01


Ray Gonzalez on mon 24 sep 01


i am running about 10 tests a day on low fire glazes. many are color tests but many too are glaze base tests. i am looking for lowfire glazes in the 06-04 range. i am firing to 05 but most 06 and 04 glazes fire fine in this range. the reason that i do not go to 04 is that the slip casting body that i am using for the creation of my work is a an 08-06 slipcasting body that dunts at 04. i dont have the chappell book here but it is the first slip base in this temp range. it is something like (off the top of my head) 60 ball clay 20 silica 5 talc and 5 nephaline syenite. i dont recall. i may mix up a ^5 batch of slip when this is done but i still have better than 10 gallons to use. no regrets, it is a great body!

anyway, i am looking for recipes for low fire glazes to use on texural surfaces. lead, chrome, lithium, all are okay. i am looking for the good ones. lava is greatly appreciated.

thank you in advance
ray gonzalez