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tea bowl therapy

updated fri 28 sep 01


primalmommy@IVILLAGE.COM on thu 27 sep 01

My friend who took red cross disaster prep classes learned that the first priority in a catastrophe is to make coffee. It's not because people need the beverage, but because holding the warm cup and drinking the warm liquid is comforting, and familiar.

So lately, like most of my mom-friends, I am keeping the kids busy and happy, keeping the news off while the kids are awake, nervously eyeing planes that go over, and trying to act as if I'm not afraid. And a few times a day, I make myself some home made herbal tea in my favorite teabowl, and sit down, and feel my whole body relax. I have a spare around for my friends who drop by, and watch the magic happen to them. It's like unclenching, physical and emotional. It's crisp, fall weather here, and the comfort of the shape, the heat of the teabowl can't be duplicatd by something with a handle.

Which brings me back to my original idea -- I'll call it the Savino theorem ;0)-- that our earliest happy memory, the thing we are born wanting, is nursing. Warmth, something warm and soothing to drink... a comforting shape, whether round or conical...

Maybe I need to make some peace teabowls to send out into the world with arti's vases.

Yours, Kelly Savino in Ohio (whose own personal grandmother DANCED with Lawrence Welk on TV. Greatness, in the very strands of my DNA...)

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