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to our friends in the uk-a bit long

updated mon 1 oct 01


Regalos De Dios on sun 30 sep 01

Please rest assured that we know you are our friends. Some personal examples
if you will allow me. My son attended St. Andrews University. I left him in
the care of the kind lady who ran the local B&B. She directed him during his
first weeks of orientation and was a surrogate mom to him. I could not have
left the country if it were not for her kindness.
While living in England in the 70's, I, with my children, was invited to tea
by a Welch physician and his wife at their home. They knew that I had been
born in the South. The reason for the invitation was to ask me how difficult
it was to manage the slaves on the plantation. The day of the invitation I
had been to the junk yard to find a part for the antique Vauxhall I drove,
moped the floor in my semi-detached house, and taken two hours to wash a set
of sheets because I could not figure out how to attach the wringer washing
machine to the faucet in the kitchen. I had never used a wringer machine and
found it rather complicated. When confronted with the idea of managing all of
my slaves, I was dumbfounded. I explained about life in America, but could
still see doubt. They asked if their only daughter could come and live with
me when I returned home. Although I lived in another part of the USA at the
time, they wanted her to have the experience of living in our part of the
world. My home was too small to accomodate her, but a local family offered
their guest house to her. She came and was quite shocked to see that she was
expected to clean her quarters, help with the household chores etc. I always
felt that she kept looking for the slaves. She learned, we learned and I hope
it was beneficial to all in the end.
We are concerned for your newsreporter captured by the Taliban this weekend.
Our prayers are with you. We pay for her safe return to your country.

All democratic countries have faults. We recognize ours, but are hopeful that
our good outweighs the bad just as I am certain that you are hoping the same
for your country. We thank you for your prayers. We treasure your friendship
and know that you care for us as a nation as we care for you. Sincerely,