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pressure treated wood

updated thu 4 oct 01


Karen Deasy on wed 3 oct 01

CCA contains not only copper but arsenic and chromium. There have been =
studies done that even suggest that acid rain will cause the =
preservative to leach out of the wood contaminating the surrounding =
soils. Think of all those great backyard decks and railroad tie planters =
that will become our next hazardous clean-up projects needing to be =
qualified like lead paint and asbestos, and what landfill do you think =
will take them.

There are now new pressure treated products on the market in the US but =
they are very hard to get. There is a new chemical preservative out that =
goes by the trade name ACQ. =20

Please be cautious when using pressure treated lumber in any =
application, Klyf is correct in that it is highly toxic. You should =
always wear gloves whene dealing with it. Do not use the sawdust in any =
form for any purpose, do not burn it, mulch it excetera. If you get any =
splinters when handeling these products remove promptly.

There are many other products on the market that can be used for various =
applications. If you let me know how you want to use them and what =
qualities you want in these products I can suggest some alternatives.

Karen Deasy
Cabot, Vermont

Where the fall leaves are blazing their glorious color and there is some =
peace and harmony.