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updated sat 9 apr 05


Bill Edwards on fri 5 oct 01

Hello Gang,

Sorry I have been so busy and seldom get to respond
but thats beginning to change thank goodness!
The following is information regarding the up-coming
NCECA convention for 2002. Please let me know if you
have any questions and I will make certain to look for
any answers or guide you along to the appropriate
people or source. :)

NCECA 2002 - 36th Annual Conference
Kansas City, MO March 13 - 16,
Onsite Conference Liaison: Cary Esser, Kansas City Art

NCECA 2003 - 37th Annual Conference
San Diego, CA March 12-15, 2003
The call for proposals may be obtained from Minerva
Navarrete (718) 939-0963

William Edwards

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Greg Marshall on fri 8 apr 05

Thank you Mel and the many other Clayarters who's information about the Red Lion Hotel in Portland inspired me to get off my butt and make a reservation. I haven't been to a NCECA for many, many years, and I am so excited about going to Portland. I'm looking forward to meeting many of you who I know through your posts to Clayart. See you at the Red Lion!

Greg at the foot of Pikes Peak