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what i wish my teacher had taught

updated sun 7 oct 01


Jocelyn McAuley on sat 6 oct 01

I hope everyone, who has a wish to contribute to this listing, will write
it down, print it out, and bring it to their next clay class/learning
opportunity. And more importantly- don't be timid, and voice these wishes
to your instructor! If you can't speak in public situations- then email
it promptly to your instructor, or simply hand them your list.

I have the good fortune to be a "returning student" and am taking art
classes to supplement my biology degree. I have found that taking charge
of my own education is the most important thing I have ever done for

Rare are the classes when I don't participate or email my instructor
afterwards. And as a result, rare is the moment when I don't have my mind
humming and engaged. Due to this engagement I feel so much more connected
to myself and my art community.

Happy learning!

Jocelyn McAuley ><<'>
Eugene, Oregon

Marianne Lombardo on sat 6 oct 01

I paid $400.00 for a begining and then an intermediate class. =20
What I WISH I had be taught/shown when I took pottery lessons, not =
necessarily in this order:

Show me a finished pot before even touching the clay (a real pot, pass =
it around)
- need to visually SEE what I am trying to accomplish - what the heck is =
a pot? =20

Whiteboard on the wall quick sketches of each stage - quick sketch =
while talking - I am a visual learner

Dissected pots (at each stage) - again show me - pass them around=20

Teach me to compress the rim properly, not just cut it off

When I make thick ugly pots stop telling me they are just fine - =
encourage me but help me do it right - tell me my errors or I will never =

Teach me to make a more attractive foot ring instead of a big ugly one =
so I don't think they all have to be big

Teach me how to smooth the foot ring properly so I don't scratch my =
table when I bring it home

Teach me how to use a rib, a metal scraper

Don't tell me a good potter only uses their hands - too discouraging =
(and a lie)

Marianne Lombardo
Omemee, Ontario, Canada

chris clarke on sat 6 oct 01

I wish my teachers had of taught me the business of clay so that I didn't
think I would get to sit in a studio all day everyday if I wanted to make a

I wish they had of mentioned that just because a glaze looks good doesn't
mean it's safe or stable.

I wish they had of taught me just because I got/get rejected doesn't mean I

But all were learned in time. Usually the case with the very important
lessons. Look at the 'big dogs' on the list, teachers did not make them,
experience did. Teachers provide a solid base for us to build our own work
on top of. A good foundation, that's all that really can be asked. chris

temecula, california