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nceca with kids/baby coops

updated sat 13 oct 01


Nikki Simmons on thu 11 oct 01

Hi Clayart,

I appreciate everyone who took the time to respond about NCECA with kids. I
got the reaction that I expected. I don't expect every conference I attend
to be like a La Leche League conference. :-)

BTW, some of your posts had me rolling on the floor...No one in my group
owns a bottle that didn't come with a breast pump and while we all probably
have strollers, I am pretty sure mine hasn't seen the light of day since the
shower. However, they are valid points to bring up because I did not
mention these are breastfed kids AND are also attachment parented, then you
would have known these kids are perfect! ;-)

The reasons why we want to come to KC are:

It is close, it is cheaper than other cities, we have people to stay with,
We are professional potters and professional moms. All of us in this group
have chosen to let clay take a back seat while our kids are home (notice I
did not say little, even though all of them are). The problem with this is
what Kelly mentioned, sometimes moms need to take care of themselves. This
is a treat we would like to give ourselves.

Several mentioned various babysitting options. I was especially
appreciative of Lisa mentioning that childcare should be an important
component to conferences. I agree, but I don't think everyone in our group
would be comfortable with that. But I think it is a great idea.

Which leads me to Baby Coops. One great thing that we have tried in order
to get a little clay time is a babysitting coop. For the past spring and
summer we each committed two days a week. One day I got to throw pots, the
other day I went to another house and watched that potter's child, along
with my own. We all live in a widespread rural area, so that made it
somewhat difficult. Every trip was a major production, like to going to
town for groceries is. The great part was we were all able to get a little
work done and hang out at a potter's house. Now that is cool! We have had
to discontinue for the time being due to vacations, morning sick pregnant
mom, and exhaustion from being on the go so much.

If anyone is looking for a way to continue clay with children or senior in
the house, I highly recommend this. As long as you like the person who will
be watching you kids. Not a problem in my situation.

We have discussed exchanging babysitting at the conference but we all want
to do the exact same things. Tours, etc.

Some of you practically begged us not to come. :-) If you don't want me to
come, the least you can do is offer ME (forget the others) a monetary bribe
or the next beautiful pot out of your kiln. :-)

Nikki Simmons

Janice Alexander on fri 12 oct 01

I got my laugh for the day. My children are "grown and gone." So I only read
this one since I was curious what a "baby coop" (a la chicken coop) must
look like.

Glad to know that it is a CO-OP and not coop!!!

Janice In NC