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wonky bat-holes

updated wed 17 oct 01


vince pitelka on mon 15 oct 01

This problem is so simple to deal with, and someone already suggested the
best solution. Just place ten or twelve small dabs of clay (the equivalent
to a 3/8" ball) in a circle concentric with the bat pins, and mash them down
flat with the palm of your hand. Put the bat on the bat pins and whack it
with your fist. It will not move, and it will not lift in a hard pull,
which can be a real problem when throwing large forms whether or not your
bat pins fit tight. Keep an old screwdriver around, and use that to pry the
bat off the wheel when you need to remove it. The same little dabs of clay
will last all day long no matter how many times you change bats.

I do not understand the complaint about having to remove the bat pins when
you want to throw on the wheelhead. Just put a bat on the wheel and that is
your wheelhead. You can throw all day on the same bat. What could be more
Best wishes -
- Vince

Vince Pitelka
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Martin Howard on tue 16 oct 01

You can throw all day on the same bat. >

Yes, Vince, that is what I am having to do just now, because my very good
local supplier relied on an old jig to make the holes in my heads and bats.
It was worn and so has landed me with heads with screws just off centre and
the same for the bats. Total of 3 mm discrepancy.
So, while I am waiting for him to have his jig re-tooled it's back to
simplicity for a while.

Martin Howard
Webb's Cottage Pottery
Woolpits Road, Great Saling
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