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swearing vince/batts too

updated thu 18 oct 01


mel jacobson on wed 17 oct 01

gotta hang with my pal vince here.....many forms, made
by great potters do not have ring feet. poorly made and uncared
for forms that look like crap often cry for a deep, well made

when i smack a knife to a form it has been planned. it is deep
and makes a handle for glazing, the custormer uses it for a
handle when they wash it, and it makes a deep shadow.
do it for you first..then for your customer, then for art.

many rings are an attempt to take the weight off the bottom.
not good. pseudo pods. ick. everyone knows and sees.
cheating. laughing behind your back.

rings are the result of planning before you sit at the wheel.
you leave ample space at the bottom of the pot.
nice broad, flat bottoms are nice. they do not need rings.
plan them.

if you have a batt pin batt, make a big pot and the batt lifts off...
it is almost 100 percent sure it will smack you in the crotch.
cold, wet, slippery pain.
hate it.
add some clay to the wheel head as vince tells you.
he is a smarty pants...knows that stuff.
i like batts. use them. tight batts, what a concept.
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