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updated sun 21 oct 01


mel jacobson on sat 20 oct 01

all tools work for those that learn them.
this is a great tool.

i did not have one for school because the kids would
have lost all the parts. you know...`hey, mel, the little
gidget is gone, anyone see it?`

it would be under wheel 16, in a clay ball. find it during
the cleanup for christmas break.

i have never made a pot i could not trim in a (greenware) clay chuck.

chucks are the greatest. easy to use, just wet the bottom
and attach to wheel head.
throw, dry, store for later use. any size or shape.

any potter can learn to tap center..(of course you will cry some
.). the easiest trim is:
just place a pot upside down on a plastic batt, wet the batt
and the rim of the pot...tap center. tap the bottom of the
pot and `fart` out that one bit of air.
it will stay..tight.
side tap the pot. off it comes. or pick up the batt and twist..and off
comes the pot. i love to demo that for a group.
they all slap their foreheads and say...`god, i didn't know that.`
i can place a bowl, trim it, and start another before most people
can find center the old way..then those balls of clay smashing into
your rim..ick.

teach yourself to tap center using an old coke or beer can.
talk about technique.

Minnetonka, Minnesota, U.S.A.
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