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clear glaze for ash clay

updated mon 22 oct 01


Joan & Tom Woodward on sun 21 oct 01

This is one of those "Help!" messages. I opened my kiln this morning =
fully prepared for some glaze test disappointments (there were some, but =
some successes too), but not expecting disaster to strike my pasta bowl =
set which was a tried and true approach for me. Except, that I'm =
relatively new here and getting used to the Mile Hi clays from Denver. =
I'll spare you the melodrama, but the bottom line is that the bowls were =
ruined by bubbles and pits. I used Cone 5-6 Ash clay with Duncan EZ =
strokes and Amaco Zinc Free Clear. I had tested on a small piece with =
great results. So. . . . I didn't feel I had time to experiment with =
making a clear before my upcoming sale, but I had planned a bunch of =
platters and bowls using the Ash and underglazing. Anyone out there =
have a clear glaze that works over the EZ strokes on Ash? I fire to =
Cone 5, but could go to 6 if that was critical. Or other thoughts? =
Thanks for any suggestions.

Joan, in Grand Junction where it cooled down today, but we still hiked =
up a canyon rimmed by tall rock walls and painted with beautiful golden =