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giffen grips or jaws

updated fri 2 nov 01


Martin Howard on sun 21 oct 01

Cindy writes:- more
work to set up.>

So why not use the Griffen or the Jaws to hold the chuck, then turn?
It certainly means you can change chucks easily. Then tap centre on the well
fixed chuck.
I was just doing that last night and was struck by how much time I was
Also did not need to sort the leather dry ware out into just which chuck
each one needed and line them up so that I centred and stuck each chuck just
the once. Changing chucks was so simple and easy.

There is also the time needed to let the slip stuck chuck dry just a little
(usually cup of tea time!) before doing the turning; else the first bit of
turning throws the chuck off centre again.

So often a combination of methods turns out right. There's no single method
which is right every time for everyone:-)

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Cyberpotter@AOL.COM on thu 1 nov 01

In a message dated 10/22/01 6:42:04 AM Eastern Standard Time,
martin@WEBBSCOTTAGE.CO.UK writes:

>... let the slip stuck chuck dry ...<

Try saying that five times fast!

Nancy in Cincinnati