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desert wash

updated thu 25 oct 01


Stephani Stephenson on mon 22 oct 01

Melinda wrote
Has anyone tried Alisa's Desert Wash slip? It spit all over my new
shelves, but the look is wonderful-I like it and want to fix the
problem, if possible. If you have used the slip, I have a couple of
quick questions....thanks....Melinda Collins, Antigua, Guatemala

I passed the desert wash recipe on to Alisa
I believe I got it from a CM 15 years ago or so
but cannot recall a more specific source.
50 borax/50 zircopax was the original recipe
I used it as a sculptural glaze for cone 5 oxidation firing
it gave a hardened lichen effect with a glazed 'sheen' underlying the
lichen 'crust'
because it was such a simple recipe it lent itself easily to additions
of colorants and other
I did not experience glaze spitting
the effect did of course vary with the clay body.
Stephani Stephenson
Carlsbad Ca

Alisa og Claus Clausen on wed 24 oct 01

Dear Melinda,
Sorry to hear your shelves are messed up.
The recipe for this "slip" 50 Borax/50 Zircopax was given to me from
Stephanie S. Originally from a CM many years ago.

I like this surface very much for my bigger pots and since the first
recipe, have tried many variations. Many of them posted in the archives
under Desert Slip variations.

On the contrary, this slip has been very dry and sometimes bubbly, but
never spit. What was the recipe you used?

I have added Ball clay, zinc (made a glaze), Kaolin, Tin instead for the
Zirocpax, plus many oxides including iron, rutile and cobalt. Again, no
spitting. I am curious to hear what you are using, also your clay so maybe
we can find this out.

Adding cobalt gave a very nice surface that was slightly more melted than
the others, but still dry. Only 1%.

Best regards, Alisa in Denmark