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updated wed 24 oct 01


Richard Mahaffey on mon 22 oct 01

Dear Gripsters,

The Grip like all tools liberate in some (one) area and confine in
others. My main gripe with the grip is that the lip of bowls need to
touch or the bowl needs to be a lot harder than I like to trim for
certain styles of feet and trimming tools.

Since I also know how to tap to center a pot and can do it quite a bit
faster than I can using the grip (not much practice on the GG
admittedly) I find it slows me down.

I also know of a potter that discovered that he had lost part of his
grip's attachments after the local clay suppliers closed on Saturday and
was out of luck the rest of the weekend when he had a rapidly
approaching deadline. In that case the grip was not liberating at all.

YMMV (your mileage may vary)

Rick Mahaffey
Tacoma Community College where the clay club has a grip, but the
department does not.
Tacoma, Washington, USA

Gerard Carriere on tue 23 oct 01

I often enjoy turning wide mouth pots, like bowls, on a bat covered by a
thin compact foam ( foam used under soft car tops, especially in the 60s =
70s). I have marked the foam with circles to help certering. I keep a fin=
on the middle of the pot to keep it in place. No need for anything else t=
hold it. Fast work, no trouble. The foam keeps pieces in place. Wetting b=
the foam and the lip of the pot slightly will even create a bond which ho=
the piece in place. I do not usuallly do extensive trimming and find this
method very expedient. G=E9rard in No=EBlville