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question re white engobe leather-hard clay

updated fri 26 oct 01


Marianne Lombardo on tue 23 oct 01

The following recipe for a white engobe for leather-hard clay is from =
James Chappel's The Potter's Complete Book of Clay and Glazes. Does =
anyone know why the borax would be required, what it does? I don't have =
any borax and am wondering if I can leave it out.

I have a pot made from Tuckers Mid Red clay and I want to line part of =
the inside with a white engobe.

White Engobe Leather-Hard Clay ^04-6
33.0 Silica
27.0 Neph Sy
22.5 Tennessee ball clay #1
12.5 EPK
2.0 Tin oxide
3.0 Borax
1 tsp CMC


Wade Blocker on tue 23 oct 01

Borax is a low temperature flux which helps to melt the engobe. Try using
any frit that you have instead of the borax. Mia in ABQ

Sheryl VanVleck on thu 25 oct 01

In the recipe for white engobe. Can you use Twenty Mule Team Borax for the Borax? You can get that at the grocery store most places. I have my "camp" kids use it for a clear gloss glaze on their pit fired pots, just as it is, but is it any different than "pottery grade" Borax????