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boxer bowls rescue project -- bowl on the way

updated thu 25 oct 01


putitinink@YAHOO.COM on wed 24 oct 01

Hi Cathi -- I just sent a dog bowl to you for your Boxer Bowls rescue
project, you should get it in a couple of days. I wanted to put a
special quote on the bowl and it took a bit of experimenting to get
the lettering to look halfway decent. (**Anyone have any suggestions
on how to do hand-written lettering withOUT the colors smearing? And
without carving it in? A carved surface would be harder to keep
clean even on the outside of a dog bowl.)

So how many bowls have you received so far? When will the auction be
held? Has anyone else on clayart sent you a bowl yet? I hope you
got tons of dog bowls donated for your fundraiser!

I'm copying your original post below which explains your project so
people will know what I'm talking about, since it was posted quite a
while back.

Let me know when the auction will be held and I can help spread the
word on the dog lists if you like.

(PS - I tried to post this yesterday and it never showed up. I hope
this isn't a repeat; apologies if it is.)

Date: Tue Jun 12, 2001 4:25 pm
Subject: BoxerBowls! Great idea for rescue. ;)

Great idea for a wonderful cause! I'd be happy to send you something
as soon as I work out a better studio situation. (The place I've
been using has very limited hours, I'm hoping to find someplace with
better access.)

As the chairperson for my breed's regional rescue for many years, I
know how much work (and heartbreak) is involved in providing rescue
services. I've thought about doing the same thing (requesting
donations of pottery for a raffle or auction), but our group is
currently working on a couple of other types of fundraisers and we
have very few volunteers who can help.

For those of you unfamiliar with what a dog rescue group does, I can
give you a brief idea (speaking in general, not specifically about
Boxer rescue). Many rescues pull dogs out of shelters, take in
abused, neglected or abandoned dogs, strays, and dogs that are
surrendered by owners going into nursing homes, or sometimes by
relatives of an owner who has died. You have no idea how many %
*&&^&$@@#!s there are out there who will move out of their home and
leave a dog shut in a garage, basement, or tied in the backyard with
no food or water and the dog is found a couple of weeks later by a
neighbor. Lots of times, we get calls for a happy, friendly, healthy
six-month old pup and we can't do a thing because we don't have
enough fosters -- it breaks your heart to tell the shelter to go
ahead and euthanize the pup because we have no room. :( Sadly, we
also have to turn down dogs that need extensive vet care (such as
needing heartworm treatment or due to injury) because we simply don't
have the funds available to treat them or the volunteers to foster
them until well enough to place. Cathi's group is fortunate to be
able to offer health care to a dog needing surgery -- kudos to
Midwest Boxer Rescues! I looked at your website, it sounds like MBR
is doing a fantastic job.

Most rescues run on threadbare shoestrings and some of us get by with
the work of only three to five volunteers. If you would like to help
a rescue save dogs, I think Cathi's idea of donating bowls for an
auction is a *wonderful* way to do so.

Cathi, please keep us updated on your project -- I'd love to know how
many bowls you get and how the auction goes.
When will the auction be held?
Will it be an internet auction or done in person?
The bowls should be sent to you by what date?
Since I don't have a dog bowl already made (every time I make a dog
bowl, one of my dogs promptly breaks their current bowl -- sigh), I
want to make sure I have time to make it and get it to you. I have
to allow several weeks to get a piece through the kilns at the studio
I use -- ugh. <:}

BTW, I used to have Boxers.

And Cathi, THANK YOU for all your efforts on behalf of rescued
Boxers. I hope you get LOTS of bowls contributed!!


From: Cathi Newlin
Date: Wed Jun 6, 2001 6:24 pm
Subject: BoxerBowls! Can You Donate a Bowl?

I apologize if some of you have received this privately also...chalk
it up to enthusiasm???

As some of you may remember from my intro, I'm a potter living in
north/central Missouri. I'm also very involved in purebred dog
(boxers) rescue. We take in dogs from abuse/neglect situations, vet
them, spay/neuter them, temperament test and house train them and
then place them in new, permanent homes. I work with 4 other rescue
groups in the midwest US as Midwest Boxer Rescues.

I've come up with an idea to generate some funds for our groups. The
idea stems from my need to cover vet bills for a puppy I have right
now who needs some major surgery...
My idea is to ask you and other potters if they would consider
creating and donating one "crock" type food/water bowl to us to
If you think you might be interesting in participating, I've created a
webpage with more information on the idea. The site is called "Art for
Arfs' Sake" and the URL is
So far I've had interest from several folks in the US, and Canada and
The Netherlands too!

I really appreciate your taking time to read this note, and for any
consideration you might give to this project.

Cathi Newlin - boxer411@g...
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Midwest Boxer Rescuers ->
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