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galleries in downtown chicago

updated sat 27 oct 01


K. Sam Miller on wed 24 oct 01

Hey Guys!

Quick question... I have a meeting in Chicago this weekend and have =
budgeted a few hours to bum around downtown. What galleries/studios =
should I NOT MISS??


Sam in Dallas

karen gringhuis on fri 26 oct 01

Start with the Art institute Asian Galleries - enter
Mighigan Ave. side - straight back on the right.
Central American opposite on the left. 20th cent.
American - selection puny; European better -

Contemporary work - Martha
Schneider Gallery at Superior and Franklin - short cab
or El ride from loop. Around corner on Superior
Perimeter Gallery MAY have some ceramics on show.

Contemporary FUNCTIONAL - Lill St. Gallery - longer
cab ride - Sheffield and Lill Sts 4 (?) blocks N of
Fullerton. Current show MAY still be some great work
by Linda Sikora - definitely worth the effort to get

Karen Gringhuis
KG Pottery
Box 607 Alfred NY 14802

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