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boxer bowls!

updated fri 26 oct 01


Cathi Newlin on thu 25 oct 01

Hi there everyone!
Wanted to let you all know that I have received the first Boxer Bowl donation!
I was really excited to get it.
I'm hoping to get more bowls in sometime soon...I'm hoping to hold the
auction first week or so in Dec, and that doesn't give us much time. If we
don't have enough bowls by then, I may have to postpone it.
Since starting the project, I've had about 15 dogs come through, and
currently have 3 rescues waiting for their new homes. We've had a couple of puppy mill rescue has had a couple of seizures and we're
not sure why, and we had 4 heartworm positive dogs we had to treat. Also, a
few weeks ago 3 of the little angels got out of their kennel and
redecorated my studio, destroying a bunch of greenware! They seemed really
pleased with themselves!

Anyway, I guess this is a gentle reminder to you all that I'm excitedly
awaiting your bowls!
Again, all the info on the project is at

Bye for now...
Cathi Newlin -
North Mo Boxer Rescue - (660) 382-5451
Midwest Boxer Rescuers -