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teacher aided pots

updated sat 27 oct 01


John Jensen on thu 25 oct 01

I think it's pretty funny the attitude a lot of students have toward pots.
There are many who would be perfectly happy to take a pot I made and call it
their own. Usually the pots I make for them, I destroy; and these students
are so crestfallen at the "waste" of what seems like a perfectly good pot.
But I don't mind if they keep a pot that reflects some positive
accomplishment on their part. Maybe I centered the clay for them. Or maybe
I got them past some stumbling block. Often I have fixed a pot on the verge
of collapse and the student will ask if they can keep it. I'll tell them to
go ahead and do more work on the pot...enough to make it their own... and
then they can keep it. I don't really understand the desire to keep pots
made in wholely or in part by someone else; but I feel that if someone needs
that kind of reward at a certain point in their career, then that's ok with
me. I do kid them about it a little and let them know that it isn't exactly
the way things are normally done.

John Jensen, Mudbug Pottery