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nceca/hotels and kids

updated sun 4 nov 01


Bill Edwards on sat 3 nov 01


Recently I was asked about kids and NCECA regading
compatability with bringing children to such events. I
do respond to my replies but to confirm my reply I am
enclosing this information.
I will be happy ot look for answers for any NCECA
news, events, information and accomadations regarding
such. I will relay this back as soon as I find out the
answers, either to the individual or the group based
on need/question.
I do sometimes go out of town and will be late
returning replies but I still check my mail at least 2
x's weekly when gone. I am now back so I can monitor
any questions better till after the holidays.
We still have some time yet and more information is
trickling in. I am trying to find out myself how well
suited the motels are to accomadating those who wish
to bring children. Please visit www. for
conference specifics. Questions that cannot be
answered there can be shot back towards me and I will
follow up on them.

William Edwards

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