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smoke alarms was cold studios

updated sun 4 nov 01


John Baymore on sat 3 nov 01

(Are there smoke alarms with remote 'noisemakers', to allow
an alarm in a detached building to be heard inside another?
I'd love to know, if there are.)


There are.... but they usually are the ones that are part of a more
sophisticated multi-room system. Go to a local GOOD hardware store (if
there are any left in your area) and talk to them about them. Another
source....... check a WD Grainger catalog. Or any alarm installation

Another solution is to buy an appropriate rated piezo type alarm unit fro=
a place like Radio Shack and "remote it" yourself. Not too hard to do. =

Pick up from the same points that the internal alarm is powered and run a=

wire. Attach the buzzer at the other end. Test the idea first.... on so=
units the second sound generating unit in electrical parallel with the
normal one can cause it not to work very well if at all....... but most o=
the time it works OK. Unless you are running a VERY long distance (wire
resistance adds up and can make BOTH alarm sounders not work)......... th=
will work OK. Have done it a couple of times.

Once consideration is the protection of the run of wire to the remote ala=
sounding unit. If it is exposed wire.... can easily burn through. So if=

you don't hear the alarm when it first goes off...... it can be silenced =
the burn through....and you'll never know the building is on fire. It is=

best to put that wire into conduit or behind fire rated sheetrock or

BTW..... the homemade approach is not a "code" solution......... just a
parctical one. If you need "code" have an alarm specialist put in a

Hope this is of some use.



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