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website for tubelined tile

updated wed 31 oct 01


duquella@ARACNET.COM on tue 30 oct 01

Hello to all,

Thanks to all who have viewed my website....and your supportive comments. For
those who have trouble getting through - the access problem has been taken care
of. My webmaster was switching the server from one in NYC to one mirrored in two
different sites - a more safe & secure situation. It was to take a couple of
hours....which became 6 days.

I am usually a parade watcher aka lurker who suffers withdrawal without my daily
dose of Clayart. I was glad I could give something back in return to the
wonderful learning experience that is Clayart.

> Sorry to be a bit late in replying to this thread. I spent the last four days
> showing tubelined tile at a trade show.
> Kenneth Clark's recipe is a good starting point. It never worked for me but
> me direction for experimenting.
> I create tubelined tile in the traditional way - on bisque tile. Regular slip
> didn't work for me but perhaps it was my bisque tile or my slip recipe. I am
> it is more likely to work if you are tubelining on unfired clay.
> It is labor intensive, as has been mentioned, but there is nothing like it.
> Molded tile (called cuenca) just doesn't have the same fluid feel to it. I
> actually find it quite meditative to produce. I have been creating tubelined
> for about 8 years so it is no longer a struggle but a smooth flowing movement
> totally absorbed in the moment.
> If you would like to see my tile, visit my website http://
> Cyra DuQuella
> DuQuella Tile & ClayWorks
> Portland, OR