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dog bowls

updated mon 5 nov 01


Phyllis Tilton on sun 4 nov 01

I sent this message to Lisa (L.P. Skeen) in reference to the dog bowls she mentioned in a little bit of a derogatory post. The bowls were dogs--too heavy and not well made. She thought I should post this to the List, so here it is. (:>) Phyllis
Subject: Dog Bowls

Lisa: Here it is the 4th of Nov and I am reading posts from Oct 25. Does that tell you how busy I have been(plus a trip thru the hospital, many tests since, company--my sons coming home to check on MOM)? I had to write about dog bowls. My oldest son and his barber were talking about dogs. The barber said he and his wife wished that they could find a bowl that was flat on one side to fit against the wall because of sometimes kicking it and spilling H2O all over. Mike said, My mom can make one. Piece of cake. I made the round pot, when it 'set up' I cut it in two, then cut the wall from one-half and pulled attached it to the back of the other half. That way, the lip and throwing grooves, if still there, would match. I attached feet since dogs always dribble, and I wanted to glaze the bottoms, too. Well, long story short, a friend of his-the barber-ordered 10! (in Cincinnati). I have personalized them with names, flowers, ivy to match kitchen wall paper) etc. I'll take the money!! One
lady wanted a smaller version for her cat. One just never knows where the order will come from.

Phyllis Tilton

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