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copper red ceramics

updated tue 6 nov 01


Helen Bates on mon 5 nov 01

To my friends on Clayart;

Here's just a little sampling of what I found from my search in's search engine when I entered the terms "Copper red".

\\Eddie and Margaret Curtis
Work in Copper Reds, Celedons, blues at cone 11+
Interesting for the extremely tall and narrow pieces Eddie makes -
demo slides included

\\Christine Cox
Copper Reds, Barium glazes, and more

\\Daniel Vito and Donna Hetrick
This husband and wife potter team have a high quality production
studio of quite formal functional pieces.
They show a child's kick wheel at:
(I don't know if they sell them)

\\G.F. and Penny Cloud (2 sites)
A California company with more than 20 potters producing a large line
of functional ware.
Of particular interest is a link to a Japanese restaurateur's
presentation of several dishes using the Cloud's porcelain in the
Japanese tradition:

\\Rod Queen
Competent, attractive studio ware, of which I especially like the
"Desert Scenes" pieces.

\\John Tilton
Mustn't forget John! (Site under construction, but images of pots are
Does lovely glazes, especially yellow, and crystalline, both glossy
and matte.

\\The Percival David Foundation
(Click on picture when site loads, then on "collection", then on
"browse collection". )
Small but neat site features beautiful ancient chinese porcelain.
(Pictures of modest size.)

\\Paul Frazer
Large site with mainly sculptural works, though often referencing the
vessel to a greater or lesser degree.

\\Ivar MacKay

\\History of Imari Pottery
(The site takes a second or so to load the English files)
Brief text with each picture.
Click on Chapter 1. then on any link for a page with images of 5 or 6
pieces in that particular chapter.
Each chapter links to the next.

\\Vermeer and Griggs
Antique Chinese Porcelain
A site with a lot of images, well-presented.
Has many links to sites about Asian Art, as well as a link to Chinese
pottery Chronology

\\John Eagle
Australian Studioo potter (Site under construction)
Lush copper reds, in combination with blues, greens and golds



Helen Bates
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