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clayart name tags for nceca

updated thu 8 nov 01


Lori Leary on wed 7 nov 01

Here's an idea for name tags:
For some of the kids art camps I taught, I took plastic slide
mounts, jewelry pin backs, scraps of colorful papers, colorful thread,
ect. and had the kids make name tags on the first day. I think it would be
fun to make our own. We could print up the word "CLAYART" in different
fonts ahead of time, (small enough to fit) and make them in the Clayart
room. The slide mounts come in boxes of twenty, 2" X 2" (40 X 40mm)
plastic with glass for about $10.00(nicest), or we can get them without
glass $9.00 per 100 (make our own "glass" out of acetate(?) is that the
word I want?)) . If y'all want to do it, I'd be glad to organize it.

Lori L.

Nan wrote:
>Just thinking with NCECA close at hand...
>Last year we discussed a clayart button to help
>distinguish our membership. (or as they say here
>in Tennessee, the us-ens from the them-ens)
>Any progress on that idea or is it too uppity?