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some australian ceramists; more copper red links;

updated thu 8 nov 01


Helen Bates on wed 7 nov 01

Mostly Australian, mostly linked to Copper Red as well...

Judy and Ric Pierce
Plenty of functional and sculptural work; Free Software;
This is another "Copper reds" search result.

Bruce Heggie and Julie Ford (Link from the Pierce Site)
Connected with the historic Bendigo Pottery in Australia
Very nice highly decorated ware by Julie (Underglaze colours followed
by a clear glaze)

Pip McManus
Another Australian ceramist
Work often gorgeous, and always political.

Nicole Lister
Sculptural works in porcelain

Christine Ball
Barking Dog Gallery
Much of her work is delightfully textured and stamped.
Loose but very professionally designed (see page linking from
"Gallery"; "New Pots";)

Japanese Artists' Directory in Australia
Several potters included
Hoashi, Koji
Very nice copper reds - pots are great too.

Kyoko Sagara
Kobachi Studio
If you like teabowls... (browse seasonally).

William Staite Murray
Three of these four pots are copper reds from the early 1920's in
Britain (dates under thumbnails refer to acquisition date)

The Gotheborg Porcelain Collector's List
A discussion on genuine and fake Ming red porcelain

Yew Antiques
Another excellent site for images of ancient and antique Chinese

Daphne Hatcher
Scroll down for an absolutely delightful handling of copper red
decoration on a floral plate.


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