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batman bats / kiln

updated sun 11 nov 01


John Baymore on sat 10 nov 01


Hi there. How ya' been? Welcome out of "lurkdom" .

I have some 3/4" thick bats with a masonite surface and pressed wood cent=
which were made by a company called Batman in San Diego. They hold up
really well (20 years so far) and don't warp.
I'd love to get some more.

Can't really help on the "Batman" ones. If you can't find them........ I=

think the birch plywood ones from Bailey are pretty nice. Been testing
them a bit. My 25 year old Medex bats are just starting to show their ag=
too, and I don't like most of the other stuff available these days. The
plastic ones I've tried are just terrible. The cheap particleboard ones
are sort of OK but deteriorate way too fast, even throwing with slurry as=

Check around with a local woodworker / cabinetmaker. You might be able t=
have some close replacements made custom for you to closely match the

Built my dream kiln in 1979 - John Baymore designed 60cu ft crossdraft
car kiln, the car gets loaded inside my studio, but rolls outside to be
fired. If you're reading this, John, I finally hooked up a boat trailer
winch so I can move this baby in and out all by myself.

Aw, garsh . Thanks. =

Funny you should happen to mention your kiln right now. I just recently
dragged out the slides of the construction of that unit for a kiln buildi=
workshop I did just a short time ago. Been a while since I looked at the=
Sitting in the slide lecture part of the multi-day program was one of yo=
former apprentices/helpers from that time period!!!! She saw about three=

slides of the kiln pad and car steel assembly... and then asked where the=

kiln was located.

Adding the boat winch was a good idea...... however you are making it too=

easy on your current apprentices ......... must be getting soft in you=
old age . Besides, I thought you said you were going to become a fema=
body builder . =

Be well.



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